I’m proud to let you know about Resonant Forms at the Gateway Arts Center in Brentwood, MD. Presented by Brentwood Arts Exchange and the Prince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center, the exhibit opened thisFebruaryfor Black History Month and will be open until April 9th! The opening reception is Friday the 11th from 5pm-8pm. As some of my friends and readers may know, Ill be starting as an administrative assistant at the Brentwood Arts Exchange on Monday!That means I had the opportunity to see the show just a day after it opened last Wednesday, and I can tell you that the works are just mesmerizing!

I can tell you now: The exhibits so full of energy! Its a celebration of life and exploration by three amazing artists:Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Alonzo Davis, and Frank Smith. I had the opportunity to meet Alonzo Davis back in November when I posted a series of photos from an exhibit of his at the Spotlight Cafe just up the street in Mt. Rainier. I could spend hours just figuring out the different materials he finds and creates to make the marks and forms that describe his bamboo sculptures. Speaking of figuring things out, I found myself on the floor crawling around Martha Jackson-Jarviss sculptures looking at every nook and cranny as I tried to see things from the floor from their perspective. I sort of want to hug his works, not because they look cuddly or anything, but because I too could be crawling on the ground with them. Its like a jungle of color and texture in the gallery, Ill be hopping from the floor and climbing on the walls and up the cieling! Its all to easy to find my eyes tracing the beautiful collage canvases of Frank Smith, whose works reflect jazz and hip-hoppery in their meaning. Its these sewn with beats and blues type works that get the heart and mind rolling! You can see earthy tones in Davis and Smiths works, but with Martha Jackson-Jarviss works I found myself mesmerized at her paintings. I see the sky and the earth when I look at them. I suppose they remind me of the power and spirit that a great abstract painting can give to the viewer. Im really looking forward to reading through the collection book on Monday. Id love to see how these three artists were chosen as their works complement the space and one another so well.

The exhibits opening reception is Friday the 11th at 5pm-8pm! Will I see you? Ill be there early on!

For more information on the exhibit, see the post below or visithttp://arts.pgparks.com/Our_Facilities/Brentwood_Arts_Exchange_Gateway_Arts_Center/Exhibitions.htm

To find out more about thePrince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center, Inc., visit http://www.pgaamcc.org

Resonant Forms. An exhibition featuring artwork by Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Alonzo Davis, and Frank Smith.

Co-presented by the Brentwood Arts Exchange and the Prince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center.

Exhibition Continues: February 1 – April 9, 2011.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 11. 5-8pm
Opening Reception generously hosted by The Links, Inc. Prince Georges County, Maryland Chapter.

Exhibition programs free and open to the public.

Brentwood Arts Exchange – or – PGAAMCC
@ Gateway Arts Center
3901 Rhode Island Avenue
Brentwood, MD 20722

Brentwood Arts Exchange
Phil Davis, Assistant Director, 301-277-2873,phil.davis@pgparks.com

Prince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center
Tonya Jordan, Community Engagement Manager, 301-209-0592,


Brentwood Arts Exchange
10am – 7pm Monday – Friday.
10am – 4pm Saturday.
Closed Sundays.

PGAAMCC Gallery 110
10am – 6pmTuesday – Saturday, except Thursdays
10am – 7pm Thursdays.
Closed Sundays and Mondays.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange and the Prince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center, Inc. are pleased to co-present Resonant Forms, an exhibition featuring art work by Alonzo Davis, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, and Frank Smith. On view throughout both galleries, Resonant Forms is the first time these three widely accomplished artists have exhibited together, and also marks the first exhibition partnership between the two organizations.

Resonant Forms is intensely visually rich. Its works frame a spectrum of artistic modes that range between expressing through pure color and speaking directly through the conceptual weight of material. Both means are important in each artists work, while each artist approaches them in different ways. With that common thread, the exhibition takes pleasure in joining these three artists whose statements about their works may not suggest them as an obvious grouping, but when seen side by side reveal a complex kinship in form as well as content that viewers will find deeply rewarding.


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