Hi friends, would anyone be up for a group attending this new exhibition at the Jewish Museum? The exhibition is up now. I was a on the curatorial panel and I think the exhibits will speak to you in a unique way other Jewish exhibitions wouldn’t…dare! Some are emotionally deep, some are spiritually freeing, some are coy, you name it. I’m so grateful to see how the curator Liora has really brought together so many voices local and afar to create a set of programming so resonant and timely. If you attended Harriette’s talk October 21st, this exhibition continues those themes from that series. There’s an opening reception on Dec 15 and 16th at 7pm, but since that’s so close, I’d love to get a group together to visit when the museum is just…open. Maybe we can meet at Attman’s after?

A Fence Around The Torah is a multimedia exhibit exploring how Jewish communities navigate the concepts of safety and unsafety in traditional, contemporary, and futuristic ways. More than a dozen artists from around the country tap into ancestral and historical Jewish narratives, while imagining what safety, solidarity, and mutual aid mean in today’s world. The show includes art that reflects the experiences of people who have been marginalized and excluded from Jewish institutional spaces and thus opens possibilities for deeper understanding and more inclusive social relations.