Let's Channel Creative Clarity.

Looking to get in touch? What's on your mind? I'm a housing advocate and community organizer with a background in urban planning.

I am also a big fan of

  • Dance, movement, and the grind of fitness,
  • Advocacy for LGBTQ+ youth,
  • Finding breathtaking art,
  • Noting clever graphic design, and
  • Making waves!


I am not taking on new projects.


My availability differs by time of year and I am selective on which projects I can take on. To see what I am used to, browse my Clients and Projects lists. You are welcome to schedule a call with me on Doodle.

My Way of Seeing

1) Let your message resonate

On each project I approach, I'm careful to consider if and how to reinterpret and create anew visual and verbal tools to super-charge + reinforce the project scope.


2) Not head-strong... soul-strong!

If your soul is your passion...your energy, your purpose; then to be soulstrong is to have a pure pursuit of creativity, discipline, and internal optimism. In other words, 'don't get stuck in your head, get honest.' Honesty is integrity and risky; something that adds to your life in this lifetime and after. At its core, honesty is learning, growth, and healing.

I work by experience and by formal training: Just as it's challenging to do this for myself, I work to

  • help nail down team ideas,
  • order goals and work flows in structuring project management timelines, and
  • I organically create engaging graphic materials.