I’m assisting Dr. Kami Fletcher in her upcoming book exploring Baltimore’s Mount Auburn Cemetery‘s history and significance. Chiefly, she’s shared with me many maps and descriptors for where burial grounds were located prior to the cemetery’s move to Westport in 1871 (and subsequent expansion in 1903).

Here’s my latest geo-referencing map-work. So excited to help her document this hidden history.


Latest Renderings

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These will eventually be published in Dr Fletcher’s Aint She Got No People.


Project Background

(Here’s where the “African Burying Ground” aka “Spring Garden” is located…where the M&T Bank Field / Orioles Stadium is now.)

African Burying Ground (1807-1839) – It was located in a section of southwestern Baltimore called Spring Garden. However, in 1807 Spring Gardens was located in Baltimore County because the city expanded in 1817, 1894 and 1918. Its all in the attached file here (“Suburban Growth and Municipal Annexation in Baltimore”. In 1868, the burial ground was located on Cross Street (in 1807 this was Hague Street) and Chestnut Alley. Also referred to as the “Spring Garden Burying Ground for Colored People”. It was located in Southwest Baltimore in 1868. – Dr. Fletcher

Work-In-Progress Materials:

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1807 streetnames:

2019 streetnames: