Located on the 3rd floor of Hornbake Library at UMD, there lies a magical resource of auditory and visual treasures…the National Public Broadcasting Archives. Aside from the huge amount of resources the UM System of Libraries has, this facility features antique radios, televisions, and other media sources from 1970 and earlier from the Radio & Television Museum located in Bowie, MD. Before I performed as Will Rogers in “Portraits of our Lives” with the Department of Theatre’s collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery, I went to the Broadcasting Archives to listen to his speeches as a great companion to the many books I was finding. While there I fell in love with their antique radio and television sets. In fact, just a few weeks ago at Mishkan Torah, I met a man named Irv that works at the Radio & History Television Museum. More reason for me to go to Bowie and check it out!

Find out more from the museum at http://www.radiohistory.org. Find out more about the National Public Broadcasting Archives at http://www.lib.umd.edu/NPBA/index.html. The Broadcasting Archives works alongside the Library of American Broadcasting. Great collaboration!