With the recent tragedy of the Gulf Oil Disaster, we are once again asked to deal with the aftermath of this horrible situation and are reminded of the other two disasters of this decade. We are consistently faced with frustrating circumstances that, in many cases, could have been prevented. As this decade comes to an end, this exhibit will focus on the major disasters that occurred. “3:1” will be on exhibit at Design Studio Art Gallery from August 14th – September 5th, 2010. Design Studio Art Gallery will hold an artists’ opening reception on Sunday, August 22nd from 3-7pm.

HYATTSVILLE, MD (7-26-10) – Our new exhibit: “3:1” (3 Disasters, 1 Decade) examines the three disasters of the past decade: Hurricane Katrina, the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Gulf Oil Disaster. The three disasters that have occurred in the past decade elicit frustration, sadness, disenchantment, and even anger. The damages resulting from Hurricane Katrina, the Earthquake in Haiti, and the Gulf Oil Disaster could have been mitigated if basic safety precautions had been implemented. When human lives are at stake, why is it so difficult to do the right thing? When it comes to our planet, why do we hesitate and resist change that will result in better environmental situations? Why do we risk lives, our planet, and our dignity by allowing deep pockets to dictate our sense of purpose and justify our course of action? Why is everything so political? This exhibit will examine these issues and reflect various perceptions by multiple artists.

Works of art will reflect environmental devastation, capture the mood of the moment, serve as a constant reminder that we are all human and that the aftermath of these tragedies should have been lessened, and capture the political and social elements that essentially reflect our nature, mold our decisions, and shape our future. A portion of art sales will be donated to charity.

The gallery is located in Hyattsville’s new Arts District at 5702 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781. To arrange a viewing by appointment, please call (301) 779-4907 or (202) 446-7373.