October 1, 2017Flickr, Instagram, IRL: Place-Locales-Artists, Photo Galleries

Chicken! #BurgersBrewsBay http://bit.ly/2fClv8d How terrific! Sheep! #BurgersBrewsBay http://bit.ly/2kfmzEb Clagett Farm #BurgersBrewsBay http://bit.ly/2wrlfje Sheep! http://bit.ly/2ygw38o Moo #BurgersBrewsBay http://bit.ly/2xUcO3o Hawaiian Veggie Burger #BurgersBrewsBay http://pic.twitter.com/qptGEl4AwL — Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) October 1, 2017 Chesapeake Beef Chile Cheddar Slider. #BurgersBrewsBay http://pic.twitter.com/DYyEtLFv8n — Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) October 1, 2017 Moroccan Lamb Burger #BurgersBrewsBay http://pic.twitter.com/pjH2clBLei — Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) October 1, 2017

MilkBoy ArtHouse

June 30, 2017Flickr, IRL: Place-Locales-Artists, Photo Galleries, Twitter

Whoa, are we really in College Park? The Amity Beach Shandy, Wings, Eco City Salad. Fuck. The Wings: Beer cheese. Can’t stop licking my fingers wings. The Salad? Delicious turnips, fresh salad, the berry dressing. Damn. And the alcohol? They know how to pour a drink. Can’t wait to catch the music this Fall! http://bit.ly/2tzF0aM … Read More

Calvert Brewing Company, Bowie, MD

July 13, 2016Flickr, Food, IRL: Place-Locales-Artists, Photo Galleries

Visited the Calvert Brewing Company in Bowie, MD (Prince George’s County) today with my team at the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, to discuss the upcoming Downtown Hyattsville Arts & Ales Festival on September 10th, with the Brewers Association of Maryland. Field trip! https://www.instagram.com/p/BHz-t3Rgkfu/   https://www.instagram.com/p/BH0BUdigzTw/