She used a Google GPS program and mapped headstones.  My goal would be to have a grave identification map by burial numbers.  There are several barriers which we all can discuss.  Nancy has identified nearly 55,000 burials and placed those names in  Our burial ledgers begin in 1920 which leaves a nearly 40 year gap in burials since 1872.  Nancy and I believe there must be another set of burial records somewhere.Public Ground vs. Private Grove burials presents another dynamic.  In both areas there is a plethora of unnumbered gravesites, therefore our searches for graves are calculated guesses based on headstone locations.  Headstone placements are suspect also.  In the 146 years of Mount Auburn there have not been consistent methods of recording.  Death certificates are official and state facts about death mostly by doctors, burial records are left to cemetery staff who communicate with grave diggers.We are trying to piece together a puzzle without all the pieces!!  If you can create a GPS accurate map of ALL of Mount Auburn’s sections based on actual grave numbers first, then progress to identifying grave numbers within those sections we may be on the track to identification of graves.  Just my initial thoughts in response to your proposal. -Jesse Bennett