Example: Mount Auburn Cemetery:We are Reconnecting the Cemetery with the Westport Neighborhood of-and-with Middle Branch ParkThis project is working with community partners to reconnect social bonds and fund physical improvements:● The Waterview Ave. bridge faces both Mount Auburn’s entrance gates, and monumental signage. High speeds on Waterview Ave discourage access to cemetery.● Sharp Street UMC’s absence has left a vacuum of communal memory of the cemetery’s significance, especially to today’s youth.● Sharp Street UMC has largely lost vestiges in the Westport community as its congregation has moved over the years. Its 1978 NRHP history does not even reference a Westport location, yet did you know—the Mount Winans UMC, even though Mount Winans UMC’s building was formerly the Sharp Street MissionJoin us as we reestablish Mount Auburn as a green anchor to the Middle Branch Park!