Camden Place's "Frank and Michael Met Online"
Talk about a packed house! This exhibition’s opening reception is crowded, with live music and a great spread. If you can make it down to artdc Gallery before the night ends, this exhibition features various media that was made to excite. Hand Picked at artdc Gallery located in the Lustine Center features graphic prints, etchings, paintings, wood carvings, mixed-media sculpture, and more. My eyes immediately gravitate towards Ryan McKibbin’s Snap Model, Camden Place’s Frank and Michael Met Online, and Sarah Martin’s Summer of 61 series.

Hand Picked

Who: The artdc Gallery
What: Reception for Hand Picked
Where: 5710 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD 20781
When: 7-10pm Saturday March, 3rd 2012

Hand picked is a selection of Washington, DC area artists who work in a range of mediums from works on paper to wet plate photographs and beyond. The Washington, DC area art scene is active, and it takes someone in that scene to find connections. Our creative manager, Grayson Heck a previous guest curator for the artdc Gallery is an active artist, and he sees connections and activity developing in his peers. We invited Grayson to select artists that he things are important with developing careers in our art scene. This show is representative of the relationships he’s developed through the University of Maryland, and

Barry Schmetter
Barry gives us a modern view of darkroom photography. His treatment of light and composition, choice of objects and mastery of process make him a giant in his field.

Camden Place 
Camden brings us a layered view of life. His intricate carvings evoke emotions and questions. Each piece seems tell a story.

Justin Strom
Justin’s work demonstrates a stellar blend of concept, design and process. The work he has included in this show consists of strong, multi-faceted images. He is a master of print.

Peter Gordon
Peter is a non-stop multiple medium artist. He is always producing and exhibiting. Peter is showing two pieces from a new body of work, which is quite exceptional.

Ryan McKibbin
Ryan is a Lecturer and Fabrication Lab Director, Catholic University’s School of Architecture and Planning. Ryan’s work references communication and human interaction through the use of a variety of materials.

Henrik Sundqvist
Henrik is a print maker, who brings the frame into the image which adds an exciting layer so that the whole work is a sculpture.  He deals with life, death, and the toxicity of the world.