After enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival today, I found L’Enfant Plaza, whose retail mall I thought had officially died years ago. People still use it though. The old mall has signs up for a forgotten theatre, Reese’s Shoe-shine (a shoe-shine stand that’s active–cool and funny poster too!), Hallmark, McDonald’s, a bunch of closed-to-be revitalized stores–all that. Hmm, still kicking…barely. It is a Sunday I should point out. So I imagine my criticism is a bit off: A promising though ugly (white and red diagonals?) revitalization of the same yogurt–cafe–fast food–so so shops will come along. But…for a huge metro hub. That’s Five Guys, Mama Illardo’s, R’ti Mediterrean Grill, etc. Umm…ugly…still. Seeking a new moderne. Time seems to be confused here.

It’s easy to criticize though when it’s not a finished product, my boyfriend, Oni, points out. A lady just came off the metro and said “WOW this is cool.” Kudos to the developers for giving something to the community that other people can love. Well,time will tell. Should be done in two and a half. A new mall for a new decade.

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