Working on a proposal now for Digital Access to Baltimore’s ‘City of the Dead’: Geo-Mapping and Making-Relatable the African American Cultural Landscape of the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Baltimore. Following an extensive research project that began in 2007, the Maryland State Archives agreed to adopt and host the extensive research website conducted by Ms. Nancy Sheads. A decade later, we are thrilled that the Sharp Street Church, who has owned and operated the cemetery since the late 1800s, and who founded what is now Morgan State University, has renewed their partnership with the university, and is working diligently to keep this cultural asset relevant and accessible for future generations. Their modern goal of expanding upon the existing website with new data collection tools, strategies, and energy will quite literally bring this legacy website back-to-life. It’s my hope that within the coming year, I can work on behalf of the University in the upcoming months with the Maryland State Archives to explore how we can continue Ms. Sheads’ important work.