Thought you may appreciate listening to this! I’m honored for my perspective seen and to be heard: 

Where Do You Belong? – #21: Community – The Big Ponder – Goethe-Institut

by: Melissa Gerr, Goethe Institute

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Audio producer Melissa Gerr lives in Baltimore, Maryland, and captures sounds and stories in the world around her. Her previous pieces for the Goethe-Institut have profiled mothers in Germany and the U.S. and the congregation at Zion Lutheran Church. In this episode, Melissa explores the idea of community through her perspective as a Jewish woman, taking a close look at two Jewish communities: Beth Am, a synagogue in Baltimore, and the Besht Yeshiva, a Jewish educational institution in Dresden. In addition to this story, Melissa Gerr also produced the episode “Wonder” for THE BIG PONDER. Most of the music for this episode comes from Blue Dot Sessions. Melissa recorded the chants and hymns at the Beth Am Synagogue and the Besht Yeshiva.