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My work is typically bundled into five categories of services. Take a look below. Then, fill out the questionnaire below to schedule a call on Calendly. I will tell you if I’m available for your time frame and if so, preview your requested package using my web-app project portal on Notion.



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Let’s calendar.

Within two weeks, let’s arrange a time to speak. Then I’ll draw up a quote. Please note my availability is limited by task, project, and goal, so the call lets me see if I am available to work with you.  If so, I’ll brainstorm with you the:

  1. Recommended Package
  2. Project start time, depending on services: Minimum of 2 weeks; Maximum est. 3 months.
  3. Rough timeline to set any in-person sessions/meetings, and
  4. Expected budget


If our call goes well and the timing works out, I will provide you with a quote. Should you wish to move forward, you’ll receive a contract for your review.

  • A 20% retainer is necessary before any work begins. This is negotiable based on availability.
  • Mr. Fair recognizes change orders.
  • He will also let you know within the last 40% of billed time if the estimate needs to be updated.
  • Any change orders will be acknowledged promptly.

Packages Detailed Below

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Community Planning and Development

For this service area, work is customized, not packaged. Please tahe a look at my portfolio for time frame results.

  1. Tiny House Planning (see project vision)
  2. Community event organization
  3. Community planning process for neighborhood plans

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Visual Art Commission

Creative art services are not offered at this time.


  1.  Commissioned paintings and drawings take at least a month to complete. I do not offer illustrations.
  2. Inventory work in a studio typically includes building a database on Notion or Airtable.com where I work with you to sort your tools and furniture, list them and where they are, and photograph everything for you. Process takes place over four weeks, or based on your availability.

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Base Branding

  1. Textual Language  (mission, slogan, company description,  owner biography, public texts you can use for customers, and taglines for any products)
  2. Color Palette (the 2-3 base colors you’ll use, why and where)
  3. Style Guide (fonts, colors, ways to display your logo and imagery)
  4. Print Promotionals
    1. Brochures
    2. Postcards
    3. Fliers
    4. Banners (great for tabling, print signage)
  5. Online Media
    1. Social Media Branding
    2. Transitioning your old brand to the new brand
    3. Website Build
      1. Domain Hosting and Domain Name – Host recommended: Go2Reg.net, GoDaddy or Hostek.com
      2. Content Management System (CMS) – Recommended: WordPress.org or Squarespace, priced separately)

At this time, I can’t provide these features, but I can recommend some kick-ass professionals for:

  1. Sales, ad campaigns
  2. Interior design recommendations
  3. Storefront designs
  4. Storefront signage

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The following services can be provided using your existing content or can be developed through the Base Branding Package

  1. Polish Language, Basic
    1. On your website
    2. On your social media
  2. Social Media Management
    1. Develop a posting schedule for existing or new content
    2. A monthly check-in to guide your original content, be it original photos, engaging text, short videos (vines), etc.
    3. In-person sessions to develop and then to review new content
  3. Website Content Management
    1. Update text and photos on a regular basis
    2. Evaluation of how the user navigates your site, how your menu can be interpreted, and your page structure.
    3. Evaluation of image use

At this time, I can’t provide these features, but I can recommend some kick-ass professionals for:

  1. Videography
  2. Sales, ad campaigns
  3. Market Analysis
  4. User Management

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Office Efficiency

Note, with each of the following, I would meet with you to research your needs, select and pitch products, determine their pricing, then install. Some of these deliverables may already been accessible through devices and apps

Basic Services

  • Wi-fi/modem setup
  • Voice Internet Protocol (VOIP)
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
Additional Services

  • Device Connectivity
  • Device Optimalization
    1. Television
    2. Printer
    3. Scanner
    4. Lighting
    5. Speakers
  • Instructional Guide for your team

At this time, I can’t provide these features, but I can recommend some kick-ass professionals for:

  1. Bookkeeping Tutorials and Recommended Software

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