Who: You’re invited to participate in a research study held by Mr. Justin Fair, a graduate student at Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning. Mr. Fair is a native Baltimorean whose family is from West Baltimore. Mr. Fair wants to hear from you.

What: What are city residents’ feelings on tiny homes, comparing tiny houses with the traditional housing stock? Please share your story and your thoughts with a short questionnaire. Mr. Fair will gather personal stories and sentiments on what cultural and history-based attitudes inform residents’ sense of home. This will conclude: Who will realistically be the future residents of tiny homes in Baltimore? What values do they hold? Will tiny homes be good for Black residents?

Why: Residents’ sentiments must be included in decision makers’ plans or else the alternative design strategies that are inherent to tiny houses may inadvertently exclude those most in need of housing intervention.

How: Come to a community session in January 2020 or fill out the questionnaire online. Offer your individual insight and please bring photographs of your home and any family heirlooms you feel reflect your sense of pride and place.