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Even though Baltimore County has no municipal jurisdictions, Catonsville very much has a ‘small town’ vibe. From Frederick Main Street to Route 40 Baltimore National Pike, from subdivisions off Frederick Rd, Rolling Rd, Ingleside, Edmondson, down to Hilltop, Catonsville has CCBC, UMBC, and several shopping centers. If you want to nerd out with me, I’ve parsed many Baltimore County and State-owned datasets, displayed here. Hopefully this is like a 21st century version of the awesome map collection in the Friends of the Catonsville Library historical maps room.

Map features:

  • in black border what I could determine are popular understandings of the edge of the ‘town’ boundaries;
  • in various outlines, specific neighborhoods;
  • Purple flags show popular shopping center locations;
  • Green pins show popular community assets;
  • The push-tack shows my neighborhood, Paradise;
  • If you zoom in, you’ll see property lots in dotted lines that often tell you why things are named what they’re named;
  • Bike paths, sharrows, etc. are also shown here.
  • In yellow dashed outline are adjacent neighborhoods in Baltimore City and Howard County.
  • Beyond the black border, I’ve included other historic districts, lots of interest, and biking paths.