Student proposals for: an open air greeting plaza across from the entrance gate to Mount Auburn Cemetery; for interpretive tour signage; and for an ecological and restoration plan.


Part of the Westport Reconnected student community plan. Head to my student proposal for mapping projects and cemetery conservation at Mount Auburn Cemetery. I’ve thankful to continue this work into master planning with a fellowship with Westport CEDC.


Open Air Greeting Plaza

Given Mount Auburn Memorial’s entrance gate appearing locked when the groundskeeper is not attending, visitors and family members arrive to view the memorial cemetery as inaccessible. Chiefly, because there is no orientation: no signage, no pictorial celebration of reclaiming the grounds’ conditions, and even more so, with its pastoral landscape, mixed burial practices and headstone conditions, the grounds can appear to the unfamiliar as a place of concern. But there is a hidden and intriguing story to be told–at all times, not just at events or to the few visitors who can speak with the attendant. An Open Air Greeting Plaza would invite curiosity, provide answers, and take scenic advantage of both the large parcel of City-owned lawn across from the entrance gate, as well as tactfully anchor the evident need for a a road diet for  a safe pedestrian crossing to the entrance gate, and support a long-desired road diet for Waterview Ave. (to include designated cemetery parking spaces, minimize travel lanes, and add a buffered or dedicated bike lane. 

The Open Air Greeting Plaza would feature a paved hardscape for sculptural art and signage. These features would allow visitors to recognize the grounds as a historic memorial through art, written narrative, and print and digital resources. These resources would include the  hours of operation, print and digital directory maps of the grounds; and an interactive self-guided walking tour akin to a ‘digital museum’. Additionally, the plaza could include donation cards and orient visitors to the wider Westport neighborhood and the Middle Branch  trail network. 

Lastly, with additional funding, the hardscape could have an area for a portable/mobile tiny office for an attendant, and serve as a setting for a folding tent.


Interpretive Tour


Full Proposal (Slidedeck) for Cultural and Ecological Restoration Plan