Quality and Craftsmanship since 1945

Rankin Upholstery is a Gaithersburg business that’s been in operation since 1945. When I met the owner, Dan Simon, he was in the process of renovating property in downtown Hyattsville, so I was more than happy to get a cup of Vigilante Coffee with him and get to work. Dan’s work ethic reflects the wider Rankin family vibe, an attention to detail and a wide smile eager with imagination and finesse. He sought an ongoing branding and marketing package, including messaging (slogans, mission, values, etc.), a shop photography session, and graphic design for advertisements, posters, postcards, and logo design. Rankin regularly participate in auto/boat/air shows, regularly seek customer feedback, and are eager to share their portfolio work on their website and social media.

Addiitonally, surrounding my work with Rankin, I’ve assisted Dan with another of his companies, Apartment Keepers, in polishing a new brochure and in promoting tenants for one of his properties, called “SoHy”. Check it out below at the very bottom of the sets.

Lastly, in response to COVID-19, I assisted Rankin with the website for Rankin PPE, where the company manufactures masks for area hospitals, first responders, and other essential services.

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Years: January 2014-2018

Services: LogoPrint, Branding, Photography, Website

Designs: Logo Design

Designs: Website + Photography

Designs: Customer Satisfaction Postcards

Designs: Advertisements

Designs: Promotions and Posters

Designs: Correspondence

Designs: Apartment Keepers Brochure + SoHy Shops