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In Fall 2018, I created a 3D rendering in Sketchup as part of a larger professional proforma for a student proposal called “The Maisel.” This proposal was created as part of a student class within the School of Architecture and Planning at Morgan State University, for ENST738. 2019 Urban Real Estate Real Estate Development, Finance, Sustainability class. Presented to adjunct assistant professor, Lisa Hodges-Hiken.

Proforma Concept

To assemble 4 total lots at the 2300 Block of Annapolis Road and 2700 Block of Maisel St in Westport, to create an 8640 sq. ft. mixed-use development. Partial demolition and new-build. Uses to include a family-centric wellness and public education service use; a café/bodega;  and on second-level, two 1-bedroom and two 2-bedroom apartments.


In January 2019, I had the pleasure of presenting an hour’s presentation to the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission. While it didn’t receive an award, I was honored to present.

  • Proposal Slidedeck (full version of entire project)
      1. Appraisal of Site
      2. Site Proximity Analysis
      3. Westport Demographics Analysis

      Proforma Overview:

      1. Sections and Uses
        1. Units and Floor Plans
        2. Market Studies to support targeted uses
        3. Project Timeline
      2. Proforma Budget and Timeline
      3. SWOT + Operations Methodology
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More Images from the Presentation: