Zamość Student Study

In Fall 2018, I designed under the instruction of Fred Scharmen and Ruth Connell as part of the class, Urban Design 511, a demographics study and several maps of the Polish city of Zamość. Maps included a nolli map, circulation map, hierarchy map, geometry map and “derive study.”   View full final project PDF or … Read More

Mapping the City of the Dead: Mount Auburn Cemetery, Baltimore

Mr. Justin Fair, a graduate student (Masters of City and Regional Planning / MCRP) with Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning, coordinated an independent study researching cemeteries under committee advisor, Dr. Samia Rab-Kirchner. The ultimate goal? To create a template for a modern online map of a cemetery so there’s a modern, interactive … Read More

Catonsville Neighborhoods Map

Hi everybody, I’m researching maps of Catonsville so I can make an interactive map of all the neighborhoods overlaying. Other than at the library resource room, do you know of any good online maps of the area? — Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) August 3, 2019


  Baltimore Online Mapping: Westport Maps Education/Schools in Baltimore City Banks and stores near Franklin Square Mapping Volunteering Projects: Baltimore Streetcar Maps with Maptime Bmore (Post) QGIS MD Workshops Other Civic Community Maps: Jewish Baltimore Maps Synagogues Map 20s-30s Social Groups Cartography with Hyattsville CDC: Rhode Island Ave Trolley Trail Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative … Read More