May 5, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Justin Fair here. My master’s project thesis on Tiny Houses and the Black Experience in Baltimore was accepted! I am now a Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) thanks to the leadership of Morgan State University, in the School of Architecture and Planning. THANK YOU for your responses, feedback, critiques and suggestions! I value your support. My next step after I recharge is to continue building a coalition, as described in my Conclusion/Next Steps of the Project. To join the Maryland Tiny Houses Coalition Email List, sign up with the button below.

Bookmark it: The thesis in full is now online as is the latest (and longest) slide deck at  It’s a big read on such a tiny subject. Sorry, I couldn’t help but pun!  If you only have 5 minutes,  I recommend reading the abstract!


Have more time? Want to take a big bite over the weekend?

  1. Chapter One introduces how and why Baltimore has so many vacant residential lots, and offers tiny homes as a tool to regenerate vacant lots in Baltimore City.
  2. Chapter two digs into literature exploring common thinking within tiny living, alternative housing, ethnography, and urban life.
  3. Chapter three dives into highlights from the questionnaire and focus groups, offering hyper-local findings and analysis.
  4. Chapter four investigates barriers to developing tiny homes in Baltimore, including site planning regulatory code constraints, land uses, and a case study review into local concepts and proposals.
  5. Chapter five proposes hierarchical proposals for how to reintroduce tiny homes into the City, along with a set of criteria rubrics and a comprehensive primer into tiny homes’ central tenets.

Thank you to my support network and to community partners! Time to recharge and then get back to it!

Warm regards,

Justin Fair