Since last July, my husband and I have been starting a non-profit in our spare time called Unmatched Athlete. Our board’s mission is to encourage youth who identify as LGBTQ+ to participate in sports and fitness. On June 12, we’re holding our pre-launch–a field day at UA House on Fayette St in Baltimore. LGBTQ+ youth, allies, family and friends are welcome to attend, by registering on Eventbrite. We will be holding a KanJam tournament and soccer drills.

So yeah, a lot of reaching out to schools across the Baltimore-DC corridor, inviting youth to participate, and spreading the word!  πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβš½πŸ€πŸπŸˆπŸŽ½πŸ₯

If you know of any youth ages 5-18, or anyone with kids, nephews-nieces-niblings, please share the word!