Mama, look we on TV! #BurstingOnTheScene #Hyattsville

HYATTSVILLE, MD — Residents of Hyattsville came together on Saturday afternoon to paint a community mural at the West Hyattsville Metro station.

The event, called “Bursting on the Scene”, had over 35 people help paint two murals onto the walls of an underpass leading into the station.

The designs were created by local artist Henry Portillo. He said he grew up not too far from the station and the designs were based off of the sunsets of his childhood when his mom would tel him to come inside.

“And besides that, it’s just mainly to give sort of like a vibrance. I wanted to show movement in a still image so everything that’s in it, it’s pointed with arrows, it’s a big arrow at the end that’s going to symbolize a person. Sort of like walking through their day, filled with geometric shapes around you,” added Portillo.

Organizers said these murals were the first decorative improvements to the station since it opened in 1993.